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2019 Corduroy Crusher Snow Mt Bike Race at The Mt Shasta Ski Park

Mt Shasta Ski Park CrusherCam

Corduroy Crusher 2019 Starting Line Footage 04-13-2019

Corduroy Crusher Winner's Finish Line Celebration 04-13-2019
This is what is takes to win this event in 2020!

Corduroy Crusher Another Victim on the mountain 04-13-2019

Corduroy Crusher my full race run including an incident 04-13-2019

Corduroy Crusher my race run incident only 04-13-2019

Corduroy Crusher Preview 04-03-2019

Corduroy Crusher Course Preview on a Snowboard 04-12-2019

Inaugural Corduroy Crusher Snow Mountain Bike Race
Date: April 13th, 2019 (images pulled off of The Ski Park's Facebook Page)

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